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Eye health is not only a factor of visual health it also plays a role in maintaining our sleep-wake cycle. Our sleep-wake cycle also dictates our mental health and our overall body repair cycle. Maintaining healthy eyes means many things, but ultimately in this day and age, preserving them from blue light is one of the number one determinants of both sleep-wake cycle health and eye health. Additionally, supplying a good lubricating, anti-inflammatory agent like Omega More can help the eyes be naturally more resilient to screen exposure and less likely to lose their natural protective barrier.

Bundle for these benefits! LASER VISION includes OMEGA MORE & OCCUMAX

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Setting Higher Quality Standards

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No binders, preservatives,
phthalates, coatings,
or carrageenan

No gluten, eggs, dairy,
peanuts, tree nuts, or shellfish

No artificial colours,
flavours, or MSG

No artificial sweeteners,
high-fructose corn syrup, or stevia

Low or no FODMAPs,
low or no lectins

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