Enerex Reviews 

Enerex's products are held to a high standard, backed by science, and created with mindfulness. They can provide benefit in the complementary approach to various health concerns.


Holistic Nutritionist

Long Term Mobility is important to me and my experience with Enerex products has me convinced that they will help me continue to be mobile and active over the long-term.

Chris Lori

Canadian Bobsled Olympian 

Enerex has played a role in my own wellness since the beginning of my journey. They still remain a total go-to for daily wellness. My favourite products are Greens Original and NAC 1000.

Nicole Eckert

Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Kulwinder S.

Enerex Customer

I battled a lot with stress and anxiety throughout my teenage years and began having severe digestive issues. After many tests, nothing really was found. Although that was great news, it really shifted my thoughts towards knowing more about nutrition. I was determined to find a natural cure to help ease the discomfort my life was giving me. I began taking Enerex Greens. I instantly began to notice I was becoming more alert, my digestive issues began to go away and my immune system began to improve. I was instantly hooked on natural supplements. I also use Enerex Black Seed Oil and Bamboo Silica, and I am really excited to try Black Oregano. A wonderful brand and the products I have tried so far have been excellent. I can't go forward without mentioning the positive impact these products have contributed. My goal is simple. To help others strive in their health.

Shae Gerke

Personal Trainer &
Co-Owner of Vera Fitness

If you are someone who sometimes struggles with indigestion and/or bloating I highly recommend giving Digest Best a try!! I am such a foodie and love eating out but unfortunately my digestive system can sometimes get in the way. I find Digest Best particularly helpful when consuming dairy and/or gluten.

I love that Best Start is rich & creamy with a very subtle hint of mint. A triple threat with greens, protein, and mushrooms. What more could you ask for?! All the energy, without the crash.

Claudia Ong

Personal Trainer & Enerex Community Member

One of the ways I up my self-care game in busy times is by PACKING my meals with nutrients. Enter the Enerex Greens family. All of my favourite things in a powder form. Don’t mind if I do! 

Angell Kelly

Gut Health Coach & Enerex Community Member 

Julie Sparks

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Living a busy and active lifestyle it's important that I replenish vitamins and minerals that I have depleted during training. By adding greens to my diet it's a quick alternative to help boost my greens intake which allows me to consume adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients that I need for optimal sport performance.


Enerex Customer

Digest Best works so fast! I have taken it to generally improve my digestion and now I take it travelling with me and to restaurants so I don’t have to worry about feeling heavy, lethargic or unwell if I eat something I don’t digest well or don’t normally eat. Bonus: it’s a 3-in-1 product with the L-glutamine being my favourite bonus to this product.

Tianna Lawrence

Personal Trainer &
Co-Owner of Vera Fitness

I am relieved to have Memoria in my arsenal of study tools for the start of this school year. Sometimes drinking copious amounts of caffeine to study can be too much for my anxious brain to handle. I have found that taking Memoria in the morning before a hard study day really has helped me keep calm and focused on the task at hand... Without the jitters!


Holistic Nutritionist

As a Holistic Nutritionist, I am very selective with the supplements choose for my own wellness as well as my clients. I look for Canadian brands that have integrity with their ingredient sources, unique formulations, as well as affordable pricing.