“Feeling empty is uncomfortable” some people report without knowing that they are reporting a digestive problem rather than a metabolic problem. Feeling full is supportive of healthy metabolism, but there are times when the challenges of the gastrointestinal system drive the cravings for food. For example, those with less-than-adequate digestion may introduce undigested food to different areas of the gastrointestinal system, which results in irritation. When the body is in digestive mode, it produces more mucus which coats the gastrointestinal system soothing irritation. Such a feeling of relief may trigger the body to soothe the gastrointestinal system with food intake.

The first challenge is to observe if gastrointestinal issues start with an empty stomach. In the case that they do, then hunger is not a function of nutrient requirement as much as it is a trigger for mucous release. Additionally, in the case that hunger is established to be a trigger to soothe the digestive system with the production of mucus, it is important to support healthy digestion to enhance acid/base balance in the gastrointestinal system. 

Enhancing the natural digestive process can help the food sit for a shorter amount of time in the stomach. Healthy gastric mobility results in a smaller chance of irritation. Additionally, with adequate food breakdown, there are enough signals being sent to signal the gastrointestinal system to create the needed metabolites to balance the acidity of the environment and produce the required metabolites for digestion. 

One of the best ways to soothe the digestive system is not to reduce acidity. The truth is unless a medical practitioner gives an official diagnosis of a stomach ulcer, gastritis or stomach irritation verified to be caused by excess stomach acidity, for many people, the problem is that of inadequate stomach acidity. To avoid disrupting the natural balance of the body, it is best to enhance digestion with a “food-grade” enhancer and protector of the gastrointestinal system such as a greens juice. 

A greens juice is a juice that contains natural plant enzymes that can enhance digestion, as well as stomach-soothing natural compounds. A high-quality natural greens juice is one that is naturally basic, contains nutrients that enhance the production of adequate gastrointestinal mucous, supports healthy probiotics and has important building blocks that can significantly help with the re-building of an irritated gastrointestinal system.