The urinary bladder is an incredible organ that can carry liquid waste and store it until it is excreted. Due to its proximity to the anal opening, contamination with E-coli bacteria is highly probable, especially for women. E-coli ends up being one of the most significant factors that cause UTIs. Though diuretics and anti-adhesion compounds enormously benefit the urinary bladder and protect it against bacteria, most of the time, if there has been a long history of exposure to bacteria, the urinary bladder may require the synergistic effect of an anti-microbial paired with diuretics to enhance the capacity of the body at eliminating pathogenic bacteria.

Adding a broad-spectrum anti-microbial helps actively reduce the bacterial colonies. Additionally, it prevents the overgrowth of yeast and other pathogenic microbes. A healthy, natural broad-spectrum anti-microbial oil, like the oil of oregano, can prevent bacterial dysbiosis. Further, it lowers the chance of developing conditions related to fungal overgrowth. Paired with hibiscus, oil of oregano significantly reduces the growth of Candida and may help break the cycle of moving from UTI to Candida due to antibiotic therapy.

Enhancing the formula with some probiotics ensures an extra layer of protection against dysbiosis.