Dwight A.

Calgary, AB

"I was introduced and asked to try Serrapeptase, from a acquaintance from our church one day and she asked me to try it for a week to see if it would help my pain.

I have suffered from chronic pain in both my back and my hips since I was a young man. I am now 49 years of age. My hips have osteoarthritis in them and I have four spurs that are on the lower four vertebrae of my back which constantly feel as if they are poking into my back. I have suffered from spasms in my lower extremities to the point of collapsing and being unable to walk. For the last couple of years I have been using a cane to help when I stand, as it was extremely painful to do for any length of time.

I started on the Serrapeptase on a Monday and by the following Thursday I was starting to notice that I could go without my magnet belt for longer periods of time during the day, The following Saturday I was out helping friends from my church to put up a garage, I cut and stood for several hours and felt somewhat stiff and sore but I notice the next day that my back didn't hurt like it normally did. Throughout the following weeks I have recognized a distinct difference in the amount of pain I suffer now, I am now able to lift and do things I haven't been able to do without hurting myself for the last 30 years. This product is a miracle in my life as it has given me the freedom to start doing things again, that I had given up on years ago."