"I have Type II Diabetes and ten years ago I had By-Pass Surgery. Usually diabetics who have had one by-pass end up having another one in less than five years so I felt myself lucky to get to the tenth years with little or no problems. When my cardiologist scheduled me for a stress test, I thought here I go again. I failed the stress test ( I didn't have the breath to go on ). I was then scheduled for an echo-cardiogram. The physician didn't like what he saw and heard on the monitor, so I was scheduled for an angiogram in 3 months. I thought for sure, I would end up having to have a by-pass again, so in the 3 month, I was going to do everything I could to avoid that surgery. I bought a bottle of Serrapeptase from the health food store and took the maximum dosage until my angiogram. The day came, I was scheduled to be in first but my potassium levels were too high, so they injected something to counteract the potassium and I waited until I was the last patient. It was a long and trying day but the end results were good. There were no blockages in the flow of the blood to and from the heart. Yes, there were blockage at the tissue graphing sites but the blood had developed other routes to carry the blood and those were clear of any blockage. We, our family, credit the clean viens to the use of Serrapeptase. I continue to use Serrapeptase at the recommended daily dosage and perhaps I can avoid ever having to have another by-pass."