Randall C.

Parksville, BC

"For over ten years I have been treated for Arthritis pain by both my Family Doctor and Orthopeadic Surgeon, the latter giving me regular Cortisone Injections in both knees and who now considers me to be a good candidate for Knee replacement surgery.
Displaying all the X-rays taken of my condition on an X-ray Monitor before me, the Surgeon pointed to the extent of the Arthritis throughout my body. Severe Arthritic pain in the left hip prevented me from simple things like bending down to pick something up or tying my shoes or putting on socks as the bending to do so was too painful. And so severe was the pain in my right foot that I insisted my Doctor have it X-Rayed as I was convinced I had a broken bone there as I could not imagine arthritis causing such severe, excrutiating pain. The X-Ray indeed later showed it to be Arthritis.

In addition to strong Narcotics and numerous other drugs with very unpleasant side-effects, I was also encouraged to pursue an active lifestyle and exercise by healthcare professionals to help alleviate my daily pain.

A very knowledgeable Nutritionist at Naked Naturals in Parksville British Columbia who I consulted SOLELY for advice on how best to treat POOR DIET (and entirely unaware of my Arthritis) casually suggested I add [Enerex] Serrapeptase to other items I had been advised to take. Almost four weeks later, after taking one capsule of 120 000 U's a day (remember, without the intention of treating my Arthritis) I can truthfully, without embellishment, tell you that I was surprised (shocked) to discover that I am barely aware of any pain, other than an 'awareness' of discomfort in my left hip. Is the Serrapeptase responsible? or is it purely psychosomatic? will it last? I can only assume it IS indeed the Serrapeptase and I have every intention of continuing my use of it.

During my last visit to the Orthopaedic Surgeon I was told "if there is no pain Randall, there is no need for the Injections" (Quote). On Sunday August 11 (2013) I completed a gruelling annual Oceanside 100 Km Bike Ride (albeit five hours behind the seasoned cyclists who rode ahead of me).

YES! I'm a Serrapeptase convert, and whether it will do for you what it has done for me obviously is not for me to say, but try it, it may very well be the Miracle Enzyme the manufacturers claim it to be and give you the relief all those expensive medications have failed to do. 

In conclusion, if I were not so convinced of the efficacy of this product I would most certainly prefer to remain anonymous, but I have no hesitation in boldly appending my name and endorsement (unpaid) of this product (Enerex Serrapeptase)."