Builds Strength in Your Framework

These minerals form the foundation of our skeletal system, helping prevent osteoporosis, mend fractures, and contracted muscles, but each mineral alone is less functional than they are together. Together they provide the co-factors essential to mineral metabolism – allowing each mineral to be utilized where it’s most beneficial. Dietary challenges, stress, and poor digestion can also create deficiencies and imbalances leading to disease.

Using a superior ratio of 1:1 for the calcium and magnesium, our unique soft tablet manufacturing process creates a product with superior absorption, while the whole food kale base helps correct our alkalinity and facilitates absorption of the difficult to digest minerals.

Will you get it?

A youthful, vibrant body, at any age, must have a strong structural foundation — meaning your skeleton. However, one in four women and one in eight men over the age of 50 have osteoporosis. In Canada, more women die each year as a result of osteoporotic fractures than from breast and ovarian cancer combined. Between 45 and 75 years of age, women lose 30 percent of their skeletal structure and men lose 15 percent.

Calcium Confusion

Your body needs Calcium to contract and expand muscles and blood vessels, to secrete essential hormones and enzymes, and to send messages through your nervous system. It’s so important that without enough Calcium from your diet, your body robs what it needs from your bones.

You are what you absorb

Part of the osteoporosis problem is Calcium absorption. It has been estimated that children absorb 75 percent of the Calcium they eat, and adults’ less efficient digestive systems absorb closer to 30 percent. Whereas the Calcium in plant foods is ideal, research is proving that Calcium from dairy foods may not be effective to build bones because its acidity might pull Calcium from bones to buffer it.

Your body’s 206 bones are living, ever-changing tissue. Your entire skeleton will be replaced every 7 to 20 years (estimates vary). But poor nutrition, acidity, lack of exercise and sunshine, low parathyroid hormone and stress cause loss of Calcium and other minerals from bones. This starts to create tiny pits that make them less dense, weaker, and more brittle. This is osteoporosis.


Enerex OSTEO CAL:MAG offers highly-absorbable chelated Calcium and Magnesium, along with co-worker nutrients Boron, Silicon and Vitamins D and K that are vital to bones. The superfood raw organic kale is added to combat acidity in the body — which is thought by some researchers to be the missing link to osteoporosis prevention.

The Enerex Advantage

Calcium can’t get into bones on its own. It needs co-partners (co-factors): Magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and trace minerals — Magnesium must be supplemented with Calcium for a healthy balance in the body; Vitamin D3 helps Calcium to be absorbed; Boron helps to prevent loss of Calcium and Magnesium (excreted in the urine); and Silicon helps Calcium to be absorbed by the body. Enerex OSTEO CAL:MAG provides the important co-factor nutrients that help each individual nutrient perform best.

How to get bones to take in Calcium

You need organic–rather than inorganic–minerals for proper absorbption into bones. By combining Calcium with an amino acid (in a process called “chelating”), Enerex’s OSTEO CAL:MAG creates an organic chelate bond. As a result, studies show that 75% more Calcium is delivered to the bones than with inorganic (non-chelated) Calcium. For example, poorly absorbed inorganic Calcium carbonate provides very little Calcium. Magnesium is absorbed 87% when properly chelated, but only 16% when taken in an inorganic non-chelated form.

Calcium-Magnesium equation?            

The body needs more Magnesium than what was once thought – many of us are deficient, and it’s a difficult nutrient to absorb from food. Although the RDA for Magnesium is 400-450 mg/day, many researchers recommend 1200 mg/day (with Calcium’s RDA at 1200 mg/day). Therefore, the ideal ratio that OSTEO CAL:MAG offers is equal amounts of Calcium and Magnesium.

A new way to consider osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is not only caused by lack of Calcium and other minerals, but by excess acidity. Since most North Americans are too acidic due to stress, medications, and eating too much protein and processed foods, the body pulls alkaline minerals from bones to balance its pH level. Over time, this weakens bones. Research shows that increasing vegetables in the diet decreases the risk of osteoporosis because they are alkalinizing. Enerex OSTEO CAL:MAG includes super alkalizing raw organic kale to help offset acidity. This formula is good to the bone!


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