The male sexual arousal is a pathway dependent on a relaxed, parasympathetic state. That state is crucial for a sexual stimulus to be preserved and for the body to react appropriately. Upon perceiving the motivation, the sympathetic system is enhanced to have the blood vessels and the nerves carry the signal and engage the pelvic region. For proper engagement to occur, the nerves and the blood vessels have to be healthy enough.

No matter the condition of the blood vessels and the nerves, if the male is in a state of anxiety, the sexual stimulus is not perceived, or simply the sexual response is blocked. Regularly, that loss of stimulation is preserved as low libido. For many males, the issue is not low libido but performance anxiety.

NAC is an antioxidant that increases the brain's function by allowing it to clear and neutralize more toxic metabolites. Studies show that NAC can significantly improve neurological health, reduce anxiety and promote overall neurological wellbeing. Some studies even demonstrate the potential of NAC to enhance mental health for some of the most refractory cases of anxiety and depression.

As an anti-hypoxic agent, studies show a significant improvement in erectile function, penile length and sexual performance with the utilization of NAC.