Once the 'less-healthy’ cycle of eating starts, it almost seems like it is impossible to stop. Many individuals report that “falling off the wagon” during the holidays triggers a cycle of unhealthy eating habits that are hard to get rid of. Though the observation is true, it may be related to physiological changes that take place due to the accumulation of unhealthy metabolites. The accumulation takes place with copious food intake. As the body is backlogged trying to get rid of the accumulated toxins and oxidants ( from alcohol intake, fried foods and hard-to-digest foods) the physiological balance of the body starts to unbalance. In such situations, supporting natural detoxification pathways may ease the physiological stress and re-balance the body. A balanced body is one that can naturally better maintain metabolic balance.

Insulin spikes are one of the main reasons behind unhealthy cravings. The reasons behind insulin spikes can include eating too many carbs, having too many sweet-tasting foods, being exposed to stress and having less-than-optimal metabolic control due to sporadic eating habits. The body requires a period of time to “fast” or be food-free in order for healthy detoxification to take place. Usually, this period is a naturally occurring period that takes place during sleep. 

Healthy sleep is the sleep that starts on an empty stomach. Food intake should cease 2 hours prior to bedtime. Additionally, sleep should extend until the person is either refreshed or had slept roughly 7-8 hours. The problem that takes place is that of late-night snacking. Snacking at night means there is a higher chance of blood-sugar spikes during sleep. Additionally, it means the body will be more focused on digesting than on detoxing the body. 

After a period of indulgence, it may be hard to maintain a healthy empty stomach sleep ritual. A supplement that contains adequate protein to maintain satiety, some Medium-chain Triglycerides ( to train the body to use non-carb fuel) may significantly support sleep quality. Better maintenance of satiety (feeling full) results in the maintenance of a healthy, fasting state during sleep.

Additionally, Reishi mushroom is shown to extend the period of non-REM sleep, which is the period of restful-rejuvenating sleep, has studies that demonstrate support of hormonal health during periods of stress as well as demonstrates efficacy as an immune support agent. Other mushrooms like Lion's mane support healthy neurotransmitter levels enhancing dream-recall and providing healthy grounds for better, sharper memory.

As the best detox is a sleep detox, pairing protein, mushrooms, and MCTs with NAC supports detoxification, enhances brain health and makes for the best, most rejuvenating sleep for the neurological system which may result in less brain fog and better focus on waking up.