The Enerex Benefit

Therapeutic seed oils offer moisture-retaining qualities, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Nourishing for all skin types.

For the best zen-like bath experience, dissolve your favourite bath bomb and soak in the warm tub to help tame redness and soothe irritations. The ultimate luxurious soak.

Each Bath Bomb contains 20 drops!

Craftfted for YOU

› Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil
Essential and plant oils work their therapeutic magic as soon as you pop this into your tub. The cinnamon scent will not only leave your body smelling amazing, but you’ll feel a reduction in swelling, inflammation!

› Black Seed Oil
Relieve inflammation, joint, and muscle pain alongside this relaxing lavender scent. Pure bliss after a particularly long, stressful day.

› Cranberry Seed Oil
Known for its hydrating and anti-aging effects, cranberry seed oil also restores your skins natural balance. Sit back and indulge as you breathe in the calming citrus aroma of reduced stress.