Potent Antioxidant Protection

The supercharged group of natural compounds found in these two plant foods help safeguard us from the free radicals produced in our body. Antioxidants such as Polyphenols, Proanthocyanidins, Catechins, Bioflavonoids and Vitamins C, A and E are in constant battle with these destructive toxic molecules. If allowed to proliferate, free radicals can lead to inflammation and diseases such as heart disease, stroke, blindness, cancer, and arthritis. They may also be the culprits responsible for wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin.

Minimizing cellular damage is necessary. In this formula, Grape Seed and Green Tea Extract are standardized to 50% Catechins, providing 50-60% EGCG, and 95% Proanthocyanidins (OPC) plus provide other potent compounds for a superior counter attack.

Potent antioxidant protection

Whether your immune system needs a boost to recover from illness or you want to fight the effects of aging, the antioxidants in Grape Seed and Green Tea deliver a powerful two-sided army that ambushes free radicals. Enerex Grape Seed & Green Tea offers double protection because they have different preferences about which free radicals they attack, making their antioxidant action far greater combined than either one alone.

Want to fend off a wide range of diseases all at the same time? Eat your antioxidants. This supercharged group of compounds that is found in plant foods safely interact with free radicals and neutralize or stop their reactions with other molecules before damage is done by oxidation (a chemical reaction caused by oxygen). Some plant foods are much higher in antioxidants than others. You have probably heard that two antioxidant stars are green tea leaves and the seeds of grapes. Specifically, Green Tea Extract and Grape Seed Extract have Polyphenols, Proanthocyanidins and Catechins — some of the most important antioxidants, according to medical research.

Grape Seed and Green Tea work in the following ways: 

  • to help neutralize carcinogens found naturally and unnaturally in foods: nitrates and nitrosamine (found in pickles and deli meats) and aflatoxin (found in peanuts)
  • to interfere with the binding of cancer-causing agents to cells, and therefore protect cells against mutations that can cause cancer
  • to protect against free-radical damaged DNA or bacterial-induced changes to DNA
  • to work with enzymes and antioxidants in the intestine, liver and lungs to prevent carcinogens from damaging cells’ DNA
  • to protect against the effects of ionizing radiation (from X-rays) and the sun’s UV rays


The anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-cancer, heart promoting, metabolism-boosting properties of Grape Seed and Green Tea are combined in Enerex Grape Seed & Green Tea, providing one of the most potent antioxidant formulas available. Enerex’s higher grade, cold-pressed Grape Seed Extract and purer, polyphenol-rich Japanese Green Tea provide a new level of antioxidant protection.

What’s in Grape Seeds?

Grapes, particularly the red-purple ones, have literally hundreds of different types of antioxidant nutrients.  These range from Vitamin C and manganese to resveratrol (the one popularized because it is in high amounts in wine). The seed and skin contain the richest concentration of antioxidants, so medical research has been conducted mostly on these and Grape Seed Extract. Research shows that Grape Seed Extract’s antioxidants may help cardiovascular disease, HIV, liver disease, protect from UVB sun rays and carcinogens, cancer, protect from intestinal viruses and bacteria, and increase wound healing. (See research in attached PDF.)   

The Enerex Advantage

Enerex uses an exclusive Grape Seed Extract called VITAVIN. It is a more potent form of Grape Seed antioxidant, and has a significantly greater proportion of antioxidant family called Triphenols, which has shown in research to increase antioxidant protection and be more powerful.  VITAVIN is also closer to grape compounds in their natural state. The methods of extraction used by most manufacturers of Grape Seed Extract involve heating to high temperatures and using potentially toxic solvents. These processes may reduce its effectiveness. VITAVIN is extracted through a natural, cold-temperature method without using any toxic solvents, so it is both more biologically active, and totally free of potentially harmful solvent residues.

What’s in Green Tea?

Green Tea Extract, with its high content of Polyphenols (Epigallocatechin Gallate – EGCG), makes it one of the most powerful natural antioxidants known. Research shows that Green Tea lowers total cholesterol and raises HDL ("good") cholesterol. Several studies have shown that Green Tea may help protect against UVB sun rays, and cancer, particularly breast, skin and pancreatic cancers. Green Tea has been used to control blood sugar levels, and research suggests that it may help prevent diabetes. Studies have also found that Green Tea Extract may boost metabolism and help burn fat to improve weight loss.

Enerex uses the highest potency Green Tea Extract from the purest, polyphenol-rich Japanese Green Tea available. 


Download Grape Seed Green Tea Information (PDF)