Digestion is a taxing process that requires the body to put in energy for both physical breakdown as well as chemical digestion. Unlike carbohydrates and proteins, the digestion of fats requires a process called emulsification. Emulsification is the process of mixing water with oil and without that process, the body is not able to fully absorb fats from the diet. Lack of absorption of dietary fat does not only deprive the body of the health benefits of fats but exposes the gastrointestinal system to the side effects of having fats enter areas of the GI not equipped to handle them.

Regularly, when fats are ingested, pancreatic lipases break fats down into smaller pieces. Those pieces are then emulsified with the utilization of bile salts from the gallbladder to be packed into small micelles and be absorbed. Thus, supporting the proper digestion of fat is a two-step process. The first step is to support the breakdown and the second step is to support emulsification.

Lipases supplied from a high-quality digestive enzyme supplement may significantly decrease the discomfort felt after the ingestion of a large amount of fat. For many people, however, digestive enzymes only take away the discomfort, not the symptoms of oily stools. Those symptoms mean that the body did not benefit fully from the fats in the meal and let go of a good portion of them with the waste products of the body.

Black Seed Oil is known to be a gentle stimulant of the gallbladder and has research backing its effectiveness as an enhancer of gallbladder function. additionally, due to its effect on the gallbladder, black seed oil is also known to stimulate the synthesis and the use of bile salts which results in some bile loss. Such loss is positive as it is linked to both better-emulsified stools as well as lower levels of cholesterol in the blood.