The female libido is highly linked to mood, and the deterioration of mental/ emotional health is a strong predictor of lower hormones and an overall state of lower libido. On the other hand, most women benefit from enhancing their capacity to deal with stress better. Some of the best adaptogenic enhancers of libido include Ashwagandha, Vitamin B5 and Maca, but some women need a little bit more involvement.

Like other body parts that accumulate toxins, the nervous system also gets waste metabolites, and those waste metabolites must be removed for the central nervous system to function optimally. Lack of sleep, physical stress and exposure to environmental toxins are all factors that may make it harder for the body to deal with stress.

NAC is known to enhance the mood for cases of anxiety and depression that are otherwise refractory. Some studies even demonstrate an improvement of symptoms of trauma and PTSD. In addition, as an anti-oxidant, NAC is known to enhance cognitive function, pro\mote better memory and enhance overall healing.