When the stomach is not feeling comfortable after meals, we always desire to reach for anti-acids. Though anti-acids may temporarily reduce the discomfort, most gastrointestinal problems are not caused by elevated stomach acidity. Instead, weak stomach acidity plays a significant role in causing gastroesophageal reflux and long-term stomach irritation.

Propper stomach acid levels are required to activate zymogens. Zymogens are inactive digestive enzymes. Those enzymes can only become functional and digestive when they are triggered! If the enzymes are not properly started, the partially digested chyme spends long periods in the gastrointestinal system, causing the protective mucosa's erosion.

Adequately balanced digestive enzymes are supplied with the addition of some HCl. That addition makes for a more efficient, closer to the natural digestive process. At the same time, it is essential to keep in mind that even when supplied with healthy levels of digestive enzymes in a well-balanced acidic medium, the stomach and the rest of the gastrointestinal system still require time to heal and build up.

Bamboo-sourced silica and epithelial building blocks that support collagen synthesis are not only crucial for building healthy hair, skin in nails. They help build the lining of essential structures like blood vessels and hollow-organ linings. Silica is also known to enhance the building of glycosaminoglycans. Those are amino sugars that make for a layer of lubrication and protection around essential structures of the body. For example, GAGs protect the inside of the GI by paving a layer of gel-like water-trapping material that keeps foods, acids and toxins away from the wall of the GI.