For a Leaner, Healthy Body Weight

Managing your weight is important to good health. The key to weight loss is to have your metabolism burn more fuel (fat) than it takes in. Exercising regularly and reducing your calorie intake by replacing processed foods with whole, fresh fruits and vegetables are indispensable lifestyle choices.

Be Leanactive 1 includes herbal aids like Garcinia cambogia and a patented Potato Protein Extract plus Cayenne and Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin to speed metabolism, reduce cravings, and balance blood sugar and increase satiety (fullness) after eating. Fibre and super greens add nutritional support and cleanse your digestive system to help you manage your weight.

Careful, conscious weight control. Weight loss is best achieved with a focused approach that targets all angles: 

    1. Balancing blood-sugar levels
    2. Supporting metabolism
    3. Combatting the effects of stress
    4. Reducing appetite
    5. Boosting energy

These help to create a more efficient body that becomes visibly leaner on the outside as a result of vibrant inner health.

Modern science reveals that botanicals and foods used for millennia help promote weight management in a variety of ways. Research shows that everyday favourite foods like raspberries, kale, potatoes, lentils and green tea have components that work hard to increase metabolism and satiation, and promote fat burning. For example, the latest studies bust the “no potatoes on a diet” myth: potatoes have resistant starch and fibre that help to balance blood sugar, and protein (found just under the skin) that makes us feel satiated, minimizing feelings of hunger between meals.

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is also vital. Our bodies store excess sugar from the blood (glucose) in fat cells for future use. A blood sugar imbalance can therefore lead to obesity and diabetes. Natural herbs like Jerusalem artichoke and cayenne pepper can balance this glucose level. These natural weight loss aids are not only safe, they have many other therapeutic effects ranging from mood enhancement to reducing risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Be Lean Active 1 offers food and herbal ingredients including: Garcinia Cambogia, which decreases appetite and may prevent your body from storing food as fat; and Cayenne and Yerba Mate for their researched thermogenic effects (which burns extra calories by increasing your body's production of heat) and effects to break down carbohydrates. It has a patented Potato Protein Extract for increased satiation, Raspberry Ketone for metabolism boosting effects, and blood sugar-balancing Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin, which also increases intestinal health.

It includes low-calorie, easily digested Brown Rice Protein, to help you feel full and which may reduce fat and cholesterol, regulate blood sugar and build muscle. And healthy, non-irritating fibre from Flaxseed and Psyllium Husk help remove waste from the bowels to decrease weight, and make you feel satiated. Its super-nutritious green foods including Organic Certified Kale, Alfalfa, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Lentil Sprouts and Quinoa Sprouts fortify the diet with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and enzymes while reducing calories. Digestive health-enhancing Probiotics are also included with The Friendly Trio since restoring our intestinal balance of good and bad bacteria can effect weight.

Enerex Be Leanactive 1: 

  • Helps the body to metabolize (process, use and burn) carbohydrates, proteins and fats in foods
  • Provides nutritional support with vitamin- and mineral-rich plant foods to help achieve and maintain weight loss while remaining in optimal health
  • Offers special natural ingredients that create a feeling of fullness (satiety), reducing cravings
  • Includes healthy, non-irritating fibre and probiotics for regularity and proper colon function
  • Features abundant antioxidants to help internal cleansing and weight management
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels to keep you contented between meals
  • Supports your metabolism to increase its efficiency and boost your energy


Download Be Leanactive 1 Information (PDF)