Topical skincare is a great way to protect and maintain healthy skin. The only limitation of topical skincare is that it can only penetrate the top layers of the skin. Unfortunately, natural products are less likely to penetrate into the deeper skin layers as the size of particles tends to be too big. The deeper layers of the skin are the layers responsible for skin regeneration and though, in theory, synthetic smaller particle ingredients can penetrate deeper, the issue with such molecules can be much deeper than simply particle size.

Due to the small size of synthetic particles that can be applied to the skin, skincare that is not safe for consumption is being shuttled deep into cells and directly into the bloodstream. Though it is not clear if those small particles do have a significant negative effect on overall health, in terms of skin health, their penetration means that any contaminants and chemicals that cause irritation are also affecting the deep layers of the skin and making their way to the skin progenitor cell.

To avoid such a problem, it is always better to ensure taking both an internal natural skincare support supplement as well as a topical one. Internal skincare can have the benefit of reaching the deep layers of the skin and maintaining epithelia/ endothelia (internal coverings) that serve to maintain the skin healthy indirectly.

Natural plant oils have the benefit of packing hundreds of therapeutic agents in a single, safe ingredient. Thus, they provide much more nutritional support and building blocks than any synthetic skincare agent.

Topical application of Sea buckthorn oil, for example, is shown to be significantly enhanced as an anti-wrinkle agent when combined with internal use. Additionally, internal use of Black Seed oil as an agent of support for dermatological autoimmune diseases is shown to yield much better results when internal use is combined with topical use.

As skin health is a reflection of the health of the body overall, the side benefits to vascular health, gastrointestinal health and immune health that take place due to the internal intake of a builder of the epithelial/ endothelial(coverings in the body) are highly significant for maintaining skin health.