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Push the start button! Why is Enerex sponsoring e-sports? This popular new world of international sports is in a growth spurt, and we want to fuel the young, ambitious Vancouver Titans players through their growth. The competitive new video gaming arena, combines high-energy, exacting precision and high-stakes performance to compete professionally on a worldwide scale.  E-sports have proven to break barriers of all kinds, be it age, gender, or ability.  Actually, it has made all the fans become part of a borderless community, and even bringing families to participate and socialize at the same time. 

Be On target! In a virtual world where quick reflexes and mental focus are a matter of life and death, E-Athletes must fuel themselves with top-notch nutrition in order to keep their winning edge.  Enerex’s premium products are the perfect fuel for a lightning-fast and fierce competition.   The Titans show us that adrenaline-rushing activities can be played on a global scale, transcending physical boundaries and barriers.    

Enerex: Brilliance in Nutrition. 

About the Vancouver Titans and the Overwatch League

The Vancouver Titans are a professional esports team competing in the Atlantic Division of the Overwatch League. In its inaugural season in 2019, the Vancouver Titans appeared in three Stage Finals as well as the Overwatch League Grand Finals. Finishing the season with an overall record of 25-3, the Titans impressive first season included the longest winning streak in the history of the League (19 straight wins), as well as Pacific Division and Stage 1 Championship crowns. During their second season, the Vancouver Titans consists of seven players, including Canadian veteran player “Roolf” and up-and-coming star “sHockWave”.

The Overwatch League (OWL) is an international esports league for the game Overwatch consisting of 20 city-based teams (see table below). These teams are made up by the best Overwatch players in the world. The season begins in February with over 280 matches being played with more matches in the around the Fall for the playoffs. Matches run with 6 vs 6 where teams compete in different map types, each with their own different objectives to win the round. Teams can use over 30 different heroes to compete against each other to win the necessary objectives. The teams are broken up into two divisions, called the Pacific and Atlantic teams. One of the 20 city-based teams is our very own Vancouver Titans, who are in the Atlantic Division of the league.

To find out more about the Vancouver Titans players, check out their bios in the link here.