Official Partner

Push the start button! Why is Enerex sponsoring e-sports? This popular new world of international sports is in a growth spurt, and we want to fuel the young, ambitious Vancouver Titans players through their growth. The competitive new video gaming arena, combines high-energy, exacting precision and high-stakes performance to compete professionally on a worldwide scale.  E-sports have proven to break barriers of all kinds, be it age, gender, or ability.  Actually, it has made all the fans become part of a borderless community, and even bringing families to participate and socialize at the same time. 

Be On target! In a virtual world where quick reflexes and mental focus are a matter of life and death, E-Athletes must fuel themselves with top-notch nutrition in order to keep their winning edge.  Enerex’s premium products are the perfect fuel for a lightning-fast and fierce competition.   The Titans show us that adrenaline-rushing activities can be played on a global scale, transcending physical boundaries and barriers.    

Enerex: Brilliance in Nutrition.