I am a mother of a three year old sweet amazing boy named Denzel who is my absolute world.

My health and wellness journey begins when I was 22 years old.  I was completely ignorant about the food or "junk" I should say that I put in my body.  I did not pay attention to the specific guidelines or nutrients that I would ingest on a day to day basis.

It was at a doctor's appointment when my doctor said the word "clinically obese" to me that I realized I needed to make some serious changes.  I had debilitating anxiety and was never able to figure out why.  It was easy to put the blame on stress or another scapegoat but who was I kidding!  It never dawned to me that the most obvious thing - food I am eating and putting right into my gut which is connected directly to my brain is what is causing my obesity and anxiety issues.  I was also a smoker - and walking up a flight of stairs was unimaginably hard on my lungs.  I always felt like I couldn’t breathe.

I started reading literature about health and nutrition.  I studied it every single day as it was my bible.  I followed all of the guidelines and broke no rules with my new health regime.  I followed the Eat clean diet by Tosca Reno.  Her book was amazing and pointed out so many more benefits of eating clean than just that of losing weight and looking healthy!  I boosted my metabolism, my heart and lungs feel so much better.  I am now proud to say I am 50 pounds lighter than I was 10 years ago and have kept it that way even throughout pregnancy.

Eating the proper nutrition fuels you and your body - your temple!  You only have one body so treat it good.  Eating the proper nutrition and nourishing your body also nourishes your soul.  My anxiety melted away when I started to eat the proper nutrition and add some important nutritional supplement to help alleviate anxiousness. 

After losing all of the weight I had my son at age 30.  I continued my proper diet all throughout my pregnancy and kept a healthy baby weight the whole time- also had a beautiful healthy baby boy.  With my added stamina from exercise and being a healthy weight I was able to endure my pregnancy flawlessly.  I was able to keep the baby weight off by continuing to eat clean and stay active .   

I now have added new interests into my life such as exploring the natural options for energy, pain relief, anxiety relief and optimal health.  I am so excited about adding fibre and probiotics into my regime.  And that is when I found Enerex!

I could not thank Enerex enough for helping me in my journey to wellness.  I have never felt more healthy in my entire life.  I love that all of the Enerex products are raw and clean and all deemed organic and natural!   I feel safe taking them every day and giving them to my baby boy.  I absolutely love being a representative for Enerex and hope I can be on the Enerex team forever!

The Enerex Greens Mixed Berries and Black Seed Oil have not only improved my energy levels and stabilized my blood sugar levels but it has boosted my metabolism and one of my favourite benefits - made my hair grow longer thicker and stronger than I have ever had it before!  I have always worn extensions my whole life and now I don’t!  I have so much hair sometimes I don’t know what to do with it all!

I also absolutely love the Oil of Oregano as it works as a natural antibiotic by killing viruses or bacteria.  It has gotten me out of being sick so many times and being a mother of a 3 year old boy we have seen every sort of virus there is come through our home!  This stuff works!

I absolutely love Enerex and I look forward to sharing this amazing product and all of its benefits with everyone!