I discovered Enerex back in 2013. Before my training to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I was working for a tiny health food shop in Bloor West, Toronto. 

With my passion for knowledge and wellness, I found pleasure in analyzing and researching the plethora of supplement products available. Before I was classically trained at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition I was driven to Enerex’s brilliantly crafted formulas. I started utilizing the Original Greens Formula, NAC 1000, and Memoria in my own routine, and I spoke highly of them to my family and friends.

Fast forward 6-years later. I still feel joy and get excited over this collection of essentials, builders and functionals. Enerex has played a role in my own wellness since the beginning of my journey, and it remains a total go-to.

Nutritional brilliance, truly.

Nicole Eckert is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist in Halifax, Nova Scotia - with a passion for vibrant wellness.