Our Values


Nutritional Brilliance

Enerex is a multi-million dollar company today, whose mission is the same as it was when we first opened our doors in Vancouver, BC, Canada in 1997: “create a distinctive class of Nutritional Supplements offering the highest level of efficacy without compromising any step in the creation process of our products.” Recognizing a healthy effective alternative to pharmaceuticals, Enerex has been successful in designing a product line of nutraceuticals to meet the growing demand for effective health treatments without harmful side effects.

We are committed to sourcing the best raw materials, choosing the best process to maximize bioavailability, and delivering our product in safe and secure packaging that minimizes any negative impact on both the product and our future generations. Since those early beginnings we have grown our reach internationally and are committed to nutritional brilliance by setting the gold standard in the world of nutritional supplements, because you’re worth it!


Health & Safety Is Key

Health and safety are paramount to our business. We actively search for the best way to provide exceptional nutritional supplements.  From the details that make up the manufacturing component of each supplement, to choosing the containers that keep the contents and the environment safe and secure for generations to come.

Functionals focus on specific conditions and work to reduce, improve, restore, and assist the body to take or make corrective actions adding elements that can restore balance to the body. Functionals on their own can make significant positive changes but can work most effectively when the body is supported by the first two layers of the Essentials and Builders.

Formulations to Produce Top Efficacy

Efficacy - Our Most Important Ingredient.

To earn the Enerex name, each and every product designed, manufactured, and provided to our customers has at least one thing in common - efficacy.

In the world of nutritional supplements, there can be a variety of numbers and ingredients on the label, but the most important factors are the amount of the active ingredients, their ratios, and their forms – all of which come together to give the efficacy.  At Enerex, every product is designed to give top quality and maximum efficacy.

All of the Enerex products, including the SONA Multivitamin Family and the Greens Family, are manufactured using the most advanced production techniques to provide a top quality supplement; “designed without compromise.” 


Environmental Consciousness

At Enerex, our concern for the environment is heavily weaved into our business philosophy and practices.  Our Environmental Initiatives Project is an ongoing way for us to recognize opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of running our business.  As a nutritional supplements company we supply wholesome options for people to achieve optimal health, but our customers – and our business – cannot reach this goal if our vision does not include the health of our planet. We actively engage in a business model incorporating green practices to make positive differences, whether small or big.

These are some of the initiatives that we undertake to ensure that Enerex is an active member in the healthy future of our planet.

Recycling of paper, cardboard, Styrofoam, and other materials from the office.Using BPA-free PETE product bottles that are recycled.Printing our product literature and information cards on paper using vegetable inks. We use local printers to significantly reduce the carbon footprint in transportation.Using locally produced shipping materials, reducing the carbon footprint impact. Our packing is a natural cellulose based material that is biodegradable.Reducing and regulating office lights and heat after hours, with low impact LCD’s used as much as possible.