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Your Frequent Questions

Our ingredients are from all over the world. When sourcing for the best quality ingredients, we look for speciations with the right potency and cleanliness (i.e. heavy metal test and biological test). There is the general misconception that ‘local' or North American ingredients are better quality. Instead of asking “where are the ingredients from”, we focus on the verification of the ingredients to ensure they are exactly what they are supposed to be. 

Our products are manufactured in different facilities in Canada and the US depending on the type of product, whether it is a powder, capsule, hard tablet, or soft gel. Some of our products are very specialized in their manufacturing process. Each of our facilities is GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) certified to ensure that high standards of quality control process are in place.

Everyone has different needs, depending on their stage in life and lifestyle. We have developed a simple, easy to follow guide to help you choose which product is most suited for your particular physical, mental, and emotional needs. Enerex offers a wide selection of products that covers the basics for everyone in today’s active family lifestyles while also helping provide important ingredients for specific family members to keep everyone happy and healthy. The Enerex Supplement Pyramid will provide a guide as to which products are best for everyone. We also have developed a great questionnaire on our website to help you figure out what your body needs. Answer a few simple questions to get recommendations on what products you need. 

If you’re eating a nutritionally balanced and healthy diet, you really don’t need supplements. But it really depends on whether or not you have a good knowledge of what a balanced diet is comprise of for your specific body type and size, and whether or not you’re practicing it on a daily basis. Meeting today’s dietary requirements can be a challenge to anyone. Eating well can be very subjective and also be influenced by so many factors. You need to consider not the quantity of food but what the food you are eating contains. It also requires having a balanced approach to food including the different food groups, a good variety of foods to supply different nutrients, and to limit foods that have less nutritional value. Supplements should not be a substitute or crutch to compensate for a poor diet but should be used to fill the gaps that a diet may not provide or the extra demands of a busy or stressful lifestyle, family life, or work environment. Supplements can also be the difference in getting your body to an optimum health state and not just getting the basics in order for it survive. They can make a difference in feeling good or feeling great.

Our website contains a lot of great information about our products. We also created a detailed PDF document on the more technical side of each of the products. These PDFs are available on the product pages. If you still have more questions, you can reach us by phone or email, or you can attend one of our educational lecturers or Eneractive events. 

Once you’ve learned about our products, we always suggest to check with your health care professional for your specific needs and how these may apply to your needs. 

“Eneractive” is the practice of a full and healthy life, a life of participation, engagement and deliberate intention. In our own pursuit for health and combined with our desire to help others stay connected and feeling fulfilled, we launched “Eneractive” to help shape health and happiness. We hope by inviting others along, we can form a supportive environment and grow a community that is deliberate in building healthy habits. 

We host Eneractive events in your community on a regular basis. We encourage you to check out our Events page and attend one of these events near you. We also have an online Eneractive community that is full of great tips on topics such as sports and activities, mind and soul, food and cooking, and nutrients and minerals. We encourage to become a member online to interact with other like-minded Eneractive members while receiving great benefits such as discounted products and promotional items. 

A commitment to a healthy lifestyle is key. Being healthy is being active, eating a nutritionally balanced meal and supplements, and be supported by a community while staying mentally active and properly managing your stress. Taking nutritional products is a part of that. As our consumer, you can most benefit from our products when you're committed to investing in yourselves by leading a healthy lifestyle. 

First, be sure you have chosen the most suitable product for you. Depending on your body type, size and health conditions, you may not be taking the optimal quantity of our products, or you may not be taking the right product all together. We also recommend that you refer to our Enerex Supplement Pyramid to help you with this. Always contact us for details when in doubt. So that you have confidence in Enerex products, we offer an unconditional guarantee on all of our products if you are not satisfied with your result. You can obtain a refund from the retailer where you bought the product. 

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