Enerex Nutri Ninja Contest

    Nutri Ninja Pro plus Enerex Pure Green Energy



    Up your energy and keep it up!

    BL450C Features:

    1. 900 Watts Professional Power
    2. Powerful Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction – the power to unlock the natural benefits of fruits & veggies 
    3. Ninja® Pro Extractor Blades crush through ice, seeds, skins and stems for a smooth, even consistency 
    4. Frozen Blending – crush through ice and frozen fruit for cold, healthy drinks and smoothies
    5. 530 ml (18 oz) & 710 ml (24 oz) to go cups, sip & seal lids, 30 recipe & wellness guide
    1. Increases body alkalinity restores healthy pH = lessens disease & inflammation
    2. Brain booster: chlorophyll & potent antioxidants increase mental clarity & alertness; coconut oil MCT improves brain function by fueling brain cells more efficiently
    3. Boosts alertness without coffee’s/energy drinks’ increased heart rate, anxiety, tremors, or dependency
    4. Improves cardio performance during aerobic & anaerobic exercise
    5. Increases energy & stamina pre- & post-workout


    1. One (1) Winner will receive a prize, as designated, in any contest and the value and description of such prize will be clearly defined in each contest announcement.
    2. You will be limited to two (2) months from the date of the announced winning to claim your prize. Otherwise, another name will be drawn.
    3. Your name will be showcased on Social Media - Facebook and Twitter.
    4. A Winner will be selected in a random drawing at the end of each contest from among all eligible entries received. Winners will be notified, at Wellnessnews option, by email or by telephone.