The Basics Every Body Needs to Operate

    Essentials are the basic, core nutritional elements that form the foundation of our health and support the necessities and systems of the body in order for it to function. These are the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, probiotics, and green foods that provide the necessary basics of life. We all have basic nutritional and biological requirements in order for our body to run and operate.  These are elements that the body needs just to maintain itself at the basic level.  Without these, deficiencies will cause the body to suffer and potentially breakdown, leading to disease and ill-health.

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    Strengthen and Optimize Your Overall Body Condition

    Builders are the nutrients that reinforce, fortify, and overall well-being to its best ability and condition. By strengthening the body to its best condition, it is better able to maintain itself, and to prevent situations or fend off harmful invaders that may cause health or disease.

    Builders support different groups which require different elements to best support them. This can vary by age, gender, and geography. For example, women and men have different needs, while senior's needs vary to children. These elements help make the most of someone in their stage and place in life.

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    Specifically Address Your Individual Concerns

    Functionals focus on specific conditions and work to reduce, improve, restore, and assist the body to take or make corrective actions adding elements that can restore balance to the body. Functionals on their own can make significant positive changes but can work most effectively when the body is supported by the first two layers of the Essentials and Builders.

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    Choices for Life

    Dedicated to holistic living, you understand supplements and prefer natural remedies to pharmaceuticals. Your decision to buy may rely on a satisfactory answer to questions like, "what makes Enerex products better?" To account for age-related health concerns, this group is divided in two: Under 45 and 45 Plus.

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    Feel Good. Look Good

    Performance-driven athletes like you want products that keep your bodies in peak condition. You are skeptical of advertising, but will readily adopt products that yield results. There are two categories of Active products: Performance and Recovery/Maintenance.

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    Guiding Simple Solutions

    You are the busy parent who visits your store with three kids in tow. You feel pressed for time when shopping and overwhelmed by the number of supplements on the shelves, but with proper guidance you are eager to buy high-quality products for your family.

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