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Any pressure that can not be identified as positive by our mind may elevate blood pressure. That is, any factor of excitement that is perceived negatively can stress the body enough to prolong the elevation of physiological blood pressure and expose the cardiovascular system to much more stress than a stressor of the same excitement level that can be perceived as positive in nature.

Starting the day with healthy blood sugar levels means that the body starts with a smaller baseline of stress.

Factors of Blood Sugar Control:

  • Healthy protein - Hemp Seeds
  • Sufficient fibre - Chia seeds
  • Brain fuel- MCT
  • Stress regulator- Reishi Mushroom
  • Short term + Working Memory enhancement- Lion's mane
  • Brain stimulant- Matcha

Destress The Heart/ Brain:

  1. Enhance blood flow- Coenzyme Q10
  2. Promote healthy detox- NAC
  3. Thin blood- Nattokinase/ willow bark

The combination of both a blood pressure control supplement, as well as a nutrient-filled blood sugar regulation supplement, means better concentration, better brain blood flow and easier stress adaptation.