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The immune system is the master of oxidation! As the immune system contains specialized enzymes that facilitate the creation of reactive oxygen species to neutralize pathogens, to say that our immune system is a destructive force, is an understatement! The immune system is not just an oxidation machine, with the power of an intelligent superhero, our immune system uses several dimensions to maintain immunity. 

Anti-oxidant support gives the body a healing advantage that boosts the immune system and calms down states of over-stimulation. Antioxidants like Black seed provide the body with healthy fats, maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system and boost the immune system with a vast array of anti-oxidants for a calmer, more efficient, faster recovering system. 

Adaptogenic mushrooms also provide the immune system with an advantage as they balance immunity. Immune balance is a form of immune boost that maintains the maximal functional state without overtaxing the system or over-stimulating it. Prepare to enter the cold and flu season with an immune system that is well built, and optimally functional.

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