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Bones are not only made of calcium. In fact, studies show that some calcium preparations are more harmful than beneficial as they are too large to enter bone and thus, accumulate in the vascular system and negatively impact the heart. A healthier calcium supplement is one that is bio-available and recognizable by the body like calcium citrate.

Healthy bones are a combination of a healthy body environment, healthy hormone levels and the availability of high-quality, recognizable building blocks.

One of the most important components of putting the body in Bone-building mode is to provide the body with a slightly basic environment. Such an environment promotes the calcium that comes in from the diet to mineralize bones. Additionally, proving the correct amount of co-factors for building bones means that the body understands the need to build and tags the building blocks to go where they need.

Vitamin D, for example significantly improves the absorption of calcium from the gastrointestinal system, however, without being tagged by Vitamin K2, the calcium is still free to accumulate in other tissues of the body. Thus, the consumption of Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 is essential for the targeting of calcium to accumulate in the bone.

Additionally, the inclusion of minerals other than calcium is also of high impact on the building of healthy bones. Silica, for example, from natural sources significantly impacts the production of collagen which plays a big role in adding flexibility to the matrix of the bone. On the other hand, elemental boron plays a role in helping the body retain bone building blocks and at supporting healthy hormone levels that are required for bone building.

Thus, the inclusion of a healthy dose of alkalizing juiced greens as well as a high-quality bone support supplement can significantly enhance bone density and promote the building of high-quality bone.