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Fortification et beauté Bio C 180 + Free Flex 90s

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Stimuler le collagène et la formation de tissus mous sont le premier pas vers une peau saine. Mettez en considération l'amélioration des membranes internes comme la membrane gastro-intestinale qui transporte tous les nutriments vers la peau et ailleurs dans le corps. Améliorer la peau, les ongles, les cheveux, les os, les tendons et les articulations pour une lueur durable.

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Joints are not just cartilage pads. Joints are made of bone, stabilizing tendons, articular cartilage, and even lubricating synovial fluid. Thus, maintaining a joint is much more complex than just adding building components. What adds to the complexity of joint health is its direct connection with gut health and immune health. It is well-documented that high inflammatory loads significantly impact joint health and that the introduction of the right building blocks can significantly improve joint health.

Glucosamine is a well-known building block that is demonstrated to positively impact joint degeneration and lower inflammation. It acts as a component of the cartilage matrix in joint tissues, yet has benefits that extend beyond building and repair.

Backed up by hundreds of studies, glucosamine is a repair agent that slows down the loss of cartilage, lowers pain and improves joint function.

It acts as an agent that affects the root cause of the pain, not only as an analgesic. Additionally, it is shown to stimulate the production of synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is the lubricating agent of the joints. As a lubricant, it improves the range of motion of the joints and reduces inflammation.

Due to its chemical structure, glucosamine helps moisturize the skin and other body structures from the inside as it increases the production of hyaluronic acid.

Joint health is not just determined by cartilage quality, it is also determined by connective tissue and bone quality as both act as supportive tissues.

Bamboo silica and vitamin D, for example, help with the building of a resilient bone structure that resists shattering on impact. On the other hand, bamboo silica supports the avascular structures of the joint to maintain healthy collagen levels. Such maintenance makes for more stable, higher-quality joints.

The maintenance of higher quality collagen can impact both soft tissues and mineralized tissues by adding resilience. Acting as literal "tissue glue" collagen is an ingredient for universal tissue support. While the introduction of high-quality collagen is good for the body, it is always important to support the body's ability to build its own collagen in the case that the large exogenous collagen does not reach deeper tissues.

Supporting the body with adequate vitamin C levels is highly supportive of healthy immunity. It also provides the body with fast-acting anti-oxidant support that stimulates tissue repair, facilitates the building of new tissues (collagen synthesis co-factor) and provides the body with the capacity to strengthen supportive tissues such as blood vessels and lymphatics.