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Vitamin K2


The Overlooked Vitamin

This little-known vitamin is the key to the maintenance bone health while keeping a healthy cardiovascular system. Vitamin K2 (not to be confused with Vitamin K1 that plays a vital role in the coagulative pathways) is a key agent that gets calcium to the bones and prevents the calcification of joints and blood vessels. Amongst its many health benefits, it is a preserver of general vascular health, enhancer of bone density and a co-factor for many healthy pathways in the body.

Key Health Benefits

Bone density enhancement

Cardiovascular health

Dental Health

Maintain healthy fetus

Balances blood sugar

Lower inflammatory load

Supports testosterone levels

A factor in tissue maintenance (healthy ageing)

Male health support

Testosterone Support

The Next Level of Bone Maintenance

Vitamin K2 is a biochemical enzyme activator that plays a role in the promotion of healthy enzyme activity. It activates a protein known as osteocalcin which is not only a promoter of the production of bones and teeth but also plays a role in the maintenance of healthy hormone levels. As a vitamin that plays a role in the maintenance of the matrix of mineralized tissue, it plays a role in making bones more flexible and stronger. Studies also show that Vitamin K plays a key role in repairing damaged bones.

More recent studies highlight the importance of Vitamin K as an agent of hormonal and immune health.

Vitamin K2 and Hormonal Maintenance/Immunity

It turns out that vitamin K2 is not only a maintainer of healthy bones, it actually plays a direct role in maintaining healthy hormone levels. Acting as a key player in glucose maintenance, it increases the uptake of glucose and fatty acids in the muscles. The results of such effects include better weight maintenance and healthier inflammatory markers. As a factor of hormonal maintenance, Vitamin K2 also plays a role in maintaining healthy testosterone levels and male fertility.


Vitamin K is usually lab-made or comes from natural sources like fermented soy beans and fermented dairy products.

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