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Sea Buckthorn Oil

Hippophae rhamnoides

The Superfood of Real-life Warriors

eabuckthorn is a hardy plant that prefers harsh conditions ranging from 40 degrees Celcius to -40 degrees Celcius. The fruit oil contains a variable array of active ingredients. The ingredients include a number of vitamins, lipoproteins and fatty acids. The seabuckthorn fruit stands out for its unique palmitoleic acid (omega 7) content alongside the more known gamma-linolenic acid (omega 6). Such compounds are thought to give seabuckthorn oil skin generation and skin repair properties. Seabuckthorn is not only thought of as a topical agent. It is also studied as a form of "beauty from within" agent. Studies demonstrate improved blood circulation, enhancement of skin toxin removal and enhancement in skin oxygenation. In addition, some evidence points towards the oil being protective against irritation, inflammation and ageing.

Key Health Benefits


Skin Regenerator


Reduces wrinkles


Source of skin nutrition

Strengthens mucous membranes

Topical and internal lubricant

Balanced Beauty Agent

The Ancient Greeks knew of the beauty-enhancing characteristics of sea buckthorn. As they took the shine of the coat of their horses as a form of status, sea buckthorn fruit was fed to the best of horses to give them a shiny, easy to brush coat. Interestingly, though the Greeks appeared to use sea buckthorn for vanity-related purposes, the Far East had a much more exciting health twist on using sea buckthorn for horses. It was said that the Genghis Khan army fed the fruit to its horses for its health benefits as a horse fed of the sea buckthorn fruit was thought to have enough vitality to grow wings and gain the power to fly. 

Astronaut Space Ointment Fruit

When it comes to ageing, the daily stressors of the elements play a large role in altering the consistency of the skin. Sea buckthorn oil provides a unique array of benefits as it is one of the few plant oil topicals that have a measurable synergistic anti-ageing effect when taken internally. Studies show that a topical application of sea buckthorn oil can be significantly enhanced in antiaging power when combined with the internal use of sea buckthorn oil. In addition, everyday skin-damaging stressors, including sun damage, friction, and allergic reactions, are shown to repair faster under the application of sea buckthorn oil. Some rumours claim that space programs rely on sea buckthorn fruit as a source of nutrition for astronauts. Additionally, the Russian space program is known to utilize sea buckthorn oil for the making of a healing ointment used to heal cosmic ray skin damage.

Source Location

The holy fruit of the Himalayas comes from a small shrub that loves to grow in the higher altitudes of Siberia and Northern China. Interestingly, in the 1950s the plant was brought to the Canadian paries, where it also thrived on the harsh conditions of The Great White North. The holy fruit did not only produce beautiful, nutritious fruits, it also gifted our soils with soil stabilizing agents.