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Ganoderma lucidium

The Mushroom of Immortality

Reishi is known as the mushroom of the shining body. Its shape and medicinal uses earned it a reputation that is almost mythical. The Reishi mushroom is a staple Ingredient in Chinese Medicine and is known to be the mushroom of immortality as it is used as an overall energy tonic for those who are too exhausted by illness.

Key Health Benefits

Immune modulating






Eases asthma

Support lung through allergies

Liver protection

Support cell repair

Improve sleep

Support recovery

The Grounding Mushroom

Reishi is one of the best, safest mushrooms for enhancing immunity and energy. Studies show that it can enhance energy levels even for those who are suffering critical chronic conditions like cancer. Overall, it is shown to act as an anti-inflammatory that balances the immune system. Additionally, it is shown to enhance energy levels and reduce fatigue adding to the endurance of healthy individuals and increasing the quality of life of those with chronic health issues.

Source Location

Gandoderms is a mushroom that is native to Europe, Asia and North America. As a staple of Chinese Medicine, Reishi has been grown in China for thousands of years. Currently, Reishi is grown for medicinal purposes all over the world.

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