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Lavender Oil

The Universal Oil of Relaxation

Whether you are looking for a relaxing bath oil or for a skin medicinal, lavender oil is known as the Mother of all essential oils for its versatility and its high safety profile. The anti-microbial properties of the plant make the oil a great addition to the bath water of someone who suffers athlete's foot, boils, burns, scrapes, or even skin conditions like eczema. The anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties along with the anti-depressive properties of the oil make it an aroma-therapeutic of indispensable use for deep relaxation and de-stressing. Due to its folk use as a gastrointestinal soother, lavender oil can be used as an aromatherapy agent after long gatherings that may take a toll on both the nervous system and the gastrointestinal system.

Key Health Benefits

Nervous system tonic




Burn healing

Muscle soothing




Helps heal psoriasis

Universal for all skin types

High safety profile








The Universal Natural Pharmacy

Lavender oil is known to be good for pains of the head that includes the first symptom of a cold. It was used for cramps and convulsions of all types. Western folk medicine points towards the usefulness of lavender as a botanical for dyspepsia, colic, depressive headaches and rheumatic pain. Additionally, some cultures employed the oil as a beautiful smelling lice repellant, deodorant, disinfectant and cleaning agent. 

Lavender and Lungs

For infections, the aroma of lavender oil is known to calm the spasms and the convulsion of the respiratory system, making it easier for those who suffer from upper respiratory tract infections to relax into sleep.

In some European hospitals, lavender oil is used as an agent for burn dressing and is demonstrated to significantly shorten healing time.

Source Location

Lavender is a beautiful evergreen plant that is native to the mountainous regions of France and Spain. Naturally, it also grows in North Africa, Italy, Yugoslavia and Mediterranean countries. The plant is usually grown for its aromatic properties. Different plant varieties are thought to possess different aromas. For example, it is noted by many that compared to the Spanish varieties, the French varieties are of more delicate, aromatic properties. Though many may disagree on which lavender variety is a more beautiful smell variety, almost everyone agrees that the best, most complex of lavender oils is one that comes from plants grown in higher altitudes.