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Hibiscus sabdariffa

The Heart Focused Bride of Sudan

The refreshing, deep burgundy liquid that is extracted from the hibiscus flower has been used for centuries for fluid balance, cardiovascular health and as a healthy refreshing drink. Hibiscus is a traditional diuretic, blood pressure support agent and an agent of urine acidification. Additionally, the beauty has evidence supporting its functionality as a cholesterol maintenance agent.

Key Health Benefits

Heart health agent


Urinary anti-microbial

Primary hypertension agent

Secondary hypertension agent

Respiratory health agent

Circulatory agent

Sleep promoting factor Cholesterol maintenance agent

The Master Flusher

It may be hard to believe that a single, beautiful flower has all the medicinal potential of hibiscus. Perhaps it is better to understand hibiscus as an agent of healthy circulation. As an agent of healthy circulation, the plant supports heart health as it gets rid of excess fluid. Additionally, the diuretic functionality makes the flushing of bacterial agents from the urinary bladder easier. Hibiscus also has a direct antimicrobial function. E.coli-specific inhibiting activity, as well as functional urine acidification, make hibiscus a great gentle urinary health support agent.

A Gentle Cleanser

Hibiscus or what is know as "roselle" is a plant rich in citric acid, malic acid and tartaric acid. It also contains a lot of beta carotene and Vitamin C. Other than the beautiful crimson-coloured liquid it produces, every part of the hibiscus plant is therapeutic. Traditional use employs roselle as a mind laxative, diuretic, and astringent for throat and mouth wounds. The leaves of the plant are known to be anti-microbial in nature.

Source Location

As a member of the Malvaceae plant family, Hibiscus is found in India, The Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Sudan, Egypt and Mexico. It thrives in warmer climates. Bees love the Chinese hibiscus as it is a good source of nectar for them!

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