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Grapefruit Oil

The Oil for Healthy Appetite Control

The essential oil of grapefruit comes from the fresh peel of the fruit. It is used for congested acne prone skin, as a hair growth promoting factor and as a skin nourishment agent. Uniquely it is also used as an exercise preparation agent, an agent for water retention and a remedy for overall stiffness.

For the nervous system, the oil of grapefruit is known to be a good agent for depression, for headaches and for stress. Some report weight loss and food craving control to both the fruit as well as the oil as the inhalation of grapefruit oil is shown to stimulate fat breakdown. Other studies demonstrate promising potential for grapefruit oil as an agent of hormone regulation, mood regulation, and blood pressure regulation. 

Due to the fresh citrus aroma, grapefruit oil is used in perfumes and utilized by the food industry  

Key Health Benefits


Supplier of nutrients




Lymphatic stimulant

Blood-pressure control agent

Promoter of fat breakdown

Appetite control agent

Mood enhancing agent

Hormone Regulating agent

The Promoter of Overall Wellbeing

Coined the name "The Forbidden Fruit" grapefruits are quite an interesting type of fruit hybrid. Grapefruit oil has been shown to help post-menopausal women decrease belly fat. Additionally, also as an aroma therapeutic, the oil has been shown to suppress appetite and maintain satiety. Some studies even show that grapefruit oil has an effect on organizing the distribution of fat for cases of disorganized fat distribution like cellulite.

Source Location

Grapefruit trees are tall trees that can reach a height of over 10 meters. They have glossy leaves and are native to tropical Asia and the West Indies. Most of the Grapefruit used for the purpose of making grapefruit oil is cultivated in the United States through some is grown in other areas of the world like Brazil and the Middle East.