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Cinnamon Oil

The Oil of Love

Cinnamon is well known as a spice that is used to flavour foods. The main aromatic that adds the kick and sweetness to the traditional Chai, is more than just a flavouring agent. As a medicinal it has been used as an agent for digestive concerns and menstrual problems. In fact, as a tea, cinnamon can make the best of remedies for menstrual pain, late menstrual period and menstrual water retention. Other uses of the plant oil include pain, rheumatism, kidney trouble and diseases of blood stagnation. Folk medicine applies oil as an aromatic agent that helps with stomach colic and dyspepsia.

Key Health Benefits










Cardiac stimulant

Respiratory stimulant


The Warming Circulatory

Cinnamon oil is a stimulant of circulation and so it is used for diseases of low circulation, cold extremities, rheumatism and digestive ailments. Some point towards the uses of the oil for anorexia and as a digestive stimulant that can calm an inflamed gastrointestinal system suffering diarrhea or intestinal infection.

Source Location

Cinnamon oil is the oil of the bark of a tropical evergreen tree of native to Madagascar. The 15-meter high tree is one that is also native to Sri Lanka, the Comoro Islands, and India. Most of the cinnamon being sold in markets is Indian, Jamaican or African in origin. Cinnamon that is cultivated from Madagascar is considered of a higher quality.