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Barley Grass Juice

Hordeum vulgare

The Holy Grass of Gods and Goddesses

Barley grass may seem like a new health fad, but it is actually an Ayurvedic superfood. It is used in the celebration of Hindu festivals as a holy blessing food. Barley grass is the leafy component of the barley plant and is a gluten-free component as it is harvested long before the plant starts making more complex chemicals like gluten. Evidence-based natural medicine demonstrates that barley grass is a superfood for the heart and for healthy blood formation. It is shown that long-term use lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. As the plant is high in the pigment chlorophyll, it is also an agent of blood nutrition. 

Key Health Benefits

Promotes sleep

Antidiabetic effect Regulates blood pressure

Enhances immunity

Protects the liver Anti-acne

Detoxifying Antidepressant Gastrointestinal support


Anti-inflammatory Anti-oxidant



Cardiovascular support

Prevents hypoxia (low oxygen)Alleviates constipation

Alleviates eczema

Energy support

Improves bone health

Improves mental health

Improves cognition

Long Term Superfood for Chronic Diseases

As a green superfood, barley grass is a stomach cooling compound which means that it may be helpful for an acidic, inflamed stomach lining. It is known to be alkalizing without negatively impacting the levels of hydrochloric acid. thus, it does not negatively influence digestion. Due to the high nutrition content, it is also a food that supplies both vitamins and minerals at high doses. 

The Plant of Bone Health

Barley grass is a compound high in both bone-building as well as blood-building compounds. It contains about 11 times the amount of calcium in cow's milk. Additionally, unlike cow's milk, it is alkalizing which means that it puts the body in the right conditions for bone building. Barley grass juice also supplies many trace minerals that are important for healthy bone formation.

Source Location

Barley grass is a grass that prefers temperate climates and was actually one of the first cultivated grains. It is thought to have originated from the area of the Fertile Crescent and was thought to have been spread by humans around Eurasia by 2,000 BCE. Currently, different barley types are cultivated all over the world for grain.