The Alkaloid of Memory

Vinpocetine is a synthetic compound very similar to Vincamine which is the active chemical in the botanical Vinca minor. It was thought traditionally to enhance good memories and thus was used in romantic rituals and love spells. Decades later, science demonstrated that Vinpocetine is a PDE-1 inhibitor that increased brain profusion, thus truly enhancing memories and acting to potentially help with the treatment of the brain after strokes. 

Key Health Benefits

Brain-specific blood flow enhancement

Brain ischemia support

Neuroprotective agent

Increases alertness

Increases memorizing capacity

Stroke Recovery Epilepsy Slow cognitive decline

Headache relief Cancer support


Alzheimer's disease

Powerful brain support

Vinpocetine has hundreds of high-quality studies that demonstrate its use in cognitive decline. having been studied since the late 70s, vinpocetine is demonstrated to be a powerful brain vascular support agent. As a Phosphodiesterase-1 inhibitor (PDE-1) vinpocetine is a cerebral vascular repair agent that lowers calcium levels and increases the metabolic activity of brain cells. It was demonstrated to do so in both injured as well as healthy cells. Studies show a significant enhancement in memory in general and in visual memory in particular. Further studies demonstrate high-quality inflammatory support that is thought to directly prevent neurodegenerative disease. 

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