Serratia E-15 protease

The One and only, Miracle Enzyme

The proteolytic enzyme that functions to break down only scar tissue, dead tissue and inflammatory products. Serrapeptase is the enzyme that gives the silkworm the ability to break down its tough cocoon. The enzyme was coined the term "Miracle enzyme" due to its safety as well as its versatility of use. As most conditions trigger some kind of immune/ inflammatory reaction, Serrapeptase helps facilitate healing due to its ability to reduce inflammation and break down scar tissues that stop the body from performing tissue clearing functions. Any condition that has become chronic in nature may benefit from the use of serrapeptase after an evaluation by a qualified practitioner.

Key Health Benefits

Breaks down inflammatory markers
Reduces pain
Facilitates healing
Breaks down bacterial films
Clears scar tissues that prevent blood flow
Clear vasculature from debris and pro-coagulants
Help resolve cysts
Assists with the healing of topical scars
Reduces swelling after minor surgery
Improves blood flow

The Powerful Enzyme

Serrapeptase was first isolated in Japan in the 1960s. When first studied, it was coined a "Miracle Enzyme" as it appeared to be more effective against inflammation compared to other proteolytic enzymes. Over time, it was established that Serrapeptase was powerful enough to relieve minor swelling after surgery, decrease pain, clear blood vessels, dissolve blood clots, and even reduce inflammation in chronic respiratory conditions.

Natural, Versatile Ingredient

Serrapeptase is a high-safety, high versatility natural ingredient. Though it is commonly used for pain and inflammation, the ingredient has been utilized successfully by Naturopathic Doctors for a vast array of inflammatory health conditions including vascular conditions like varicose veins and hemorrhoids. The enzyme also shines as an inhibitor of the formation of bio-films which makes it an amazing addition to many antimicrobial therapies. There are even some studies that point to the potential of Serrapeptase as a promoter of eye health that may help break down drusen deposits in cases of macular degeneration.

Source Location

High-quality serrapeptase comes from Serratia marcescens cultures. Always look for whole-cell cultures as enzymes are fragile and can easily be structurally disturbed during the manufacturing process.