Pine Pollen

Pinus contorta- pollen

The King of Qi

A high steroid plant product that provides quickly utilizable testosterone support for both males and females. In Chinese medicine, pine pollen is used as an overall tonic known as the invigorator of Qi. With its steroid backbone, pine pollen provides both female and male hormone enhancement and modulation. Praised for its anti-aging properties and ability to encourage muscle growth, pine pollen is considered and easy to obtain superfood for both men and women.

Key Health Benefits

Alleviate fatigue
Enhance hormonal function- Testosterone enhancement
Enhance athletic performance
Enhance fertility
Prevent Adrenal Fatigue
Help with hormone-related depression
Promote building muscle mass

Balance your Hormones

Pine Pollen is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant hormone stimulant. It can be used by athletes to maintain physical strength, increase endurance and enhance performance. It is no secret that hormone boosters can have a positive effect on libido. In the case of pine pollen use for sexual enhancement, ask your medical practitioner about a tincture form of pine pollen.

Pair it for optimal results

Due to the fact that pine pollen, in crude form, is technically a food product and not a medicinal supplement, it can be combined with sexual enhancement supplements without worrying about interactions. Consider pairing pine pollen with a sexual enhancement supplement that keeps sexual motivation in mind.

Source Location

Canadian pine pollen is some of the best pine pollen in the world. The Great White North offers the optimal temperatures and habitat that make for the best nutrition profiles. Look for sustainably sourced, wildcrafted pine pollen. Try forging your own next spring!

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