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Mucuna pruriens

The Velvet Bean of Seduction

Mucuna, or what is known traditionally as Kapikacchu is a tropical bean that has a long history of medicinal use. Due to its naturally high L-Dopa content, the bean has been investigated as a more affordable natural alternative for Parkinson's disease in India. Other places in Asia use it as a natural ingredient to combat snake venom. As Dopamine is the pleasure-seeking neurotransmitter, traditional herbalists in Nigeria call the plant "The Devil's Bean" and use it for the purposes of sexual enhancement.

Key Health Benefits

Mood enhancement
Motivation enhancement
Lower prolactin levels
Prolactin induces
Breast milk
Breast tissue development
Weight gain
Low sex drive
Low mood
Anti- venom
Lower blood pressure
Increases pelvic blood flow
Lowers blood sugar
Enhances bone health

Source Location

Native to Africa and Tropical Asia, "Mad Beans" as they are referred to in Mozambique, are an invasive species. They grow very fast in places like Florida, The Bahamas, Africa, Southern China and Eastern India.

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