Korean Ginseng

Panax ginsing

The Human Root

Known as a Chinese energy tonic and aphrodisiac, Korean Ginseng is an irreplaceable ingredient in Chinese Medicine. It's active compounds known as glycosides have been demonstrated to enhance immunity, improve energy, promote the building of healthy blood, enhance blood-sugar control and enhance overall adaptability to stress.

Key Health Benefits

Energy booster

Hormone enhancer

Blood-sugar regulator

Cholesterol regulator

Stress adaptogenic

Manager of Erectile Dysfunction

Libido stimulant

Immune modulator

Enhanced blood flow

Improve menopausal symptoms

Ginsing The Sexual Stimulant

Ginseng is known to be an enhancer of libido. While some of its functionality can be due to its energy-enhancing properties, Ginseng enhancement of libido moves far beyond simple energy support. Research points towards the capacity of ginseng to enhance testosterone levels. Additionally, it seems to play a significant role as an enhancer of sperm parameters.

Source Location

While Ginseng is an original of China, and its cultivation areas were identified before the common era, most of the Ginsing being sold on the market is grown in farms across the northeastern United States. Farms are located primarily in Wisconsin and extend all the way to Michigan.

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