Humic/Fulvic Acid


Ancient Natural Detox

Humic compounds are a byproduct of the beautiful relationship between plants, bacteria and fungi! When trees become aware they are reaching the end of their life,, they concentrate all the nutrients they accumulated over a lifetime and inject them in the soil where the rhizome bacteria and fungi can take the "carbohydrate" based nutrients and produce Humic Compounds. Those compounds facilitate the absorption of nutrients between plant generations! Those compounds have similar functions in the human body. Once inside the body, Humic compounds facilitate the transfer of nutrients into the cell. Additionally, they facilitate the removal of toxic compounds outside the cells. 

Key Health Benefits

Overall body detox

Heavy metal detox

Nutrient bioavailability enhancer


Energy boost

Metabolism boost

May have libido enhancement qualities

Balances bacterial, fungal and viral load 

Back to our roots

Modern-day life exposes the body to a lot of stress including that of the contaminants in the food supply, in cosmetics and in the air. The natural detoxification process of the body is meant to detox regularly to keep the body from accumulating too many heavy metals and toxins. The overload of toxic metabolites can very literally, weigh down the body and hinder regular everyday functions.

The consumption of gravel and "Humus" is a well-documented animal behaviour that is thought to be a component of mineral balance. The earth components consumed offer much more than just trace minerals. The soil compounds offered shuttling systems that helped consumed minerals be more absorbable and unwanted metabolites be more mobile and easier to get rid of. 

Source Location

The best of Humic compounds come from long-standing ancient bogs and areas of decomposing plant matter. It is always important to make sure that those long-standing natural habitats are not disturbed by pollution. Those ancient treasured peat bogs can be found anywhere in the world all the way from India to Europe. Note that it is estimated that more than a third of the world's peatlands are actually located in Canada. 

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