Gingko Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

The Tree of Longevity

Ginkgo biloba is an example of a living fossil. A living fossil is a plant that had been faithful to the same genetic blueprint for millions of years. The beautiful ginkgo tree is a living example of a fossil that had maintained its shape and composition since the time when it was food for the dinosaurs. Perhaps it is no surprise that the resilient ginkgo is the symbol of longevity.  As a botanical that promotes overall blood flow and helps the body profuse the deepest of tissues, ginkgo is one of the most well-known enhancers of cognitive function. More shockingly, research demonstrates its function as a preventative of neurodegenerative disease. Cardiovascular support, blood pressure support and decongestion are all reported benefits of Ginkgo biloba

Key Health Benefits

Blood flow enhancement

Anti-inflammatory Anticongestant

Blood pressure support


PMS support

Erectile Dysfunction support

Chinese Tradition

Ginkgo biloba has been a part of the traditional Chinese Materia Medica for many centuries. As it is a moving agent, the plant was used for lung ailments and as a diuretic. Other uses included age-related dementia and vascular/blood-flow-related conditions. Current research demonstrates the efficiency of Ginkgo biloba as a supportive agent for many of its traditional uses. Ginkgo biloba shines in evidence-based botanical medicine as not only an enhancer of memory but also a preventative of neurodegenerative disease and an enhancer of overall health for seniors. Some research points to its mechanism of action being much more complex than just the enhancement of the blood flow to the brain as it was demonstrated to be an enhancer of neurotransmitter levels as well as a potent anti-inflammatory agent that has demonstrated good efficacy in inflammation-related mental health concerns such as depression and Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS). 

Uniquely Beneficial

Ginkgo biloba is a plant highly unique in constituents. The most studied standardized extract of ginkgo is known as EGb 761. EGb 761 is a ginkgo extract of the following characteristics:

24% flavonoid glycosides

6% terpene lactones

Less than 5ppm ginkgolic acid

The strict criteria for the EGb 761 is not only to ensure significant amounts of the active flavonoids and terpenes but also to ensure small enough doses of ginkgolic acid.  Though Ginkgo biloba demonstrates many health benefits, ginkgolic acids are not only demonstrated to cause minor acute discomfort but allergic reactions and they are also neurotoxic. A good, high-quality ginkgo supplement is one that fits the criteria of the well-studied EGb 761 formula.

Source Location

Ginkgo biloba is a plant that currently grows mainly in the southern areas of China. It is also popular in Japan and Korea. The tree is also been cultivated in Europe and in North America for about 300 years. In North America, it can be seen lining the beautiful streets around Niagra Falls in Ontario Canada.

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