Turnera diffusa

The Stimulating Anxiolytic

Damiana is known to be a Mayan aphrodisiac, damiana was smoked during Mayan rituals for both focus and aphrodisiac qualities. The plant has been blood-flow enhancing qualities and mood-enhancing qualities. Quite uniquely, the plant is a stimulant that enhances mood while fighting anxiety.

Key Health Benefits


Genital tonic


Hormone Supporter





The Stimulating Anxiolytic

Damiana is known to be an enhancer of both the male and the female libido. studies have shown that it has resulted in an increase in sexual desire, reduced vaginal dryness, increased sexual intercourse and orgasm. Some studies even show an enhancement of clitoral stimulation with the use of Damiana. one other interesting use of the plan is as an appetite suppressant and as a stimulating anxiolytic agent.

Source Location

The beautiful Damiana plant is typically grown in Mexico and other areas in South America. Most of the Damiana currently used is grown in the United States.

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