The Body's Structural Glue

Collagen is the glue that holds soft tissue together. The entire body is comprised of the collagen-building block. Without collagen, the body would have uncompliant soft tissues, brittle joints and bones and easy to damage muscles. Unlike animals, the cofactor for building collagen, Vitamin C, is an essential nutrient. Proper collagen formation means better maintenance of blood vessels, gastrointestinal system, urinary pathways, flexible bones, better stabilized, more cushioned joints and fuller, younger-looking skin.

Key Health Benefits

Building block








Provides the body with "go build signal"

Acts as an anti-inflammatory Improves tissue elasticity

Helps build cartilage

Helps with healthy scar formation

Maintains organ/ skin organs

The Beauty/ Strength Building Block

Collagen is a large molecule that stitches tissues together and makes them more cohesive. It can impact muscle tone, prevent skin ageing, build stronger bones and cushion joints better. While mostly regarded as a building block, collagen is actually a functional unit in the body that enhances fat metabolism, increases muscle mass, improves bone density, helps with the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums, promotes repair after physical activity, and reduces tissue wear and tear. Studies also demonstrate that collagen plays a role in the maintenance of a healthy gut and the enhancement of vascular health.


As one of the most common "gluing" compounds in tissue, collagen is best obtained from animal sources. Some collagen preparations come from bovine sources while others come from marine sources.

Products Featuring Collagen