Bambusa vulgaris

The Ingredient of Resilience

One of nature's most sustainable gifts to both humans and pandas is bamboo! Bamboo is a plant that contains many vital ingredients that strengthen the integrity of the body as well as promote the building of new healthy issues. Rich in protein, silica and other trace minerals, bamboo is also why Pandas are a rare herbivore with the body profile of a carnivorous animal. Due to its ability to enhance the integrity of skin and mucous membranes, local herbalists in Nigeria use it as a remedy to strengthen integrity in hopes that it will prevent and treat sexually transmitted infections. Its "building" benefits extend to essential tissues beyond skin such as connective tissues and blood vessels.

Key Health Benefits

Promotes building of connective tissues
Promotes building of strong muscles
Enhances bone health
Promotes nutrient absorption
Provides excess building ingredients that funnel down to the skin, hair and nails
Strengthen the integrity of the skin
Enhance the membranes of body tissues including the internal gastrointestinal lining and the lining of the blood vessels

Essential Building Blocks

Bamboo is a highly versatile plant that may provide benefits to all the channels of the body. As one of the richest plants in absorbable silica, natural bamboo provides a soothing coating to the gastrointestinal system as well as building blocks for the maintenance of healthy connective tissues. While skin, hair and nails benefit from the building blocks provided by the plant, ultimately, it starts the repair journey from deep within the connective tissues and moves to more accessory tissues like hair and nails.

Source Location

Bamboo is a highly sustainable source of fibre, wood replacement, nutrition and nutraceutical extracts. Sourcing Bamboo from Southwestern China may negatively impact the natural habitat of Pandas. Keeping in mind that Pandas need to consume about 25 to 84 pounds of bamboo daily, it is always better to look for sustainable sources of bamboo away from the natural habitat of Pandas. India is a great source of high-quality Bamboo that can be used for neutraceuticals without needing to use what nature made for Pandas.