Aronia Berry

Aronia melanocarpa

The Queen of Anti-oxidants

The Aronia berry is the berry with the highest antioxidant potential of all berries. It is shown to be more powerful of an anti-oxidant than elderberries, blueberries, blackberries and goji berries combined! It is also shown to be the berry with the least nutrient-medication interactions (compared to other berries). In its antioxidant capacity, it maintains immunity, cardiovascular health, and restorative health. It is anti-ageing and adds a layer of holistic protection to the whole body.

Key Health Benefits

Most potent anti-oxidant berry Anti-cancer

Blood sugar regulator

healthy blood pressure maintenance

Immune anti-oxidant

Superfood to boost healing

Weight regulation

Prevents thick blood (clots)Supports detox


Cholesterol control

Builds healthy gut


Contributes to eye health

Supports urinary health

Blood flow enhancement Very few interactions

Super Anti-oxidant

Aronia berry is demonstrated to preserve cells and prevent cell damage due to being in close proximity to decaying cells, such as cancer cells. It is also shown to be an anti-diabetic agent that specifically tackles insulin resistance. Any tissue damage was shown to respond positively to Aronia as it is an anti-oxidant that facilitates repair. As a repair agent, Aronia is also shown to be really great for both vascular repair as well as vascular protection as it relaxes blood vessels and drops blood pressure. The best thing about Aronia berry is that it is a food that has a therapeutic value which means that the benefits of Aronia berry can be made available to everyone.

Source Location

Aronia berries are a very low-maintenance plant. They are native to North America as well as Europe. They can be seen lining the shorelines of the Great Lakes in Ontario Canada. Additionally, they can be found in moist woods surrounding waterfalls.