You have heard that your skin in the largest organ of your body, and it absorbs what is put on it. This can be good if you’re smoothing on healthful ingredients in a facial mask! Try this one for an extra winter boost.
Avocado, black seed oil, honey and egg yolk all have moisturizing effects on the skin. In addition to omega-3 and -6 essential fats, avocado contains copper, and vitamins B, E and C that help skin. Honey is a humectant (it draws moisture to your skin), offers enzymes and vitamin B. Black seed oil is ultra-nourishing with antioxidants, selenium, carotene, calcium and omega-6, and absorbs easily into the skin. Egg yolk offers folate, selenium, phosphorous and omega-3, and helps bind the ingredients.
1 tablespoon raw, unfiltered honey
1/2 avocado, thoroughly mashed
1 egg yolk, whipped
1/2 teaspoon Enerex Black Seed Oil
Spread over your face and neck and leave on for 20 minutes. Then rinse off with lukewarm water.


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