SEPTEMBER is a great month to…

  • Go back to school and take a continuing education course in heart-healthy cooking, or nutrition for aging. Do you still feel the anticipation and motivation of beginning the new school year (even if you graduated 30-40 years ago)? Let’s go buy our new school supplies and new fall clothes and get back at it! Recreation centres often feature inexpensive healthy lifestyle courses; check online.
  • Start a new fitness routine and try Zumba or spinning classes at a gym. There is a good reason why gyms get busier in fall as fitness enthusiasts start to take their exercise back indoors. Enjoy the motivational energy of others in a group setting as you get your heart pumping while having fun! (Zumba is aerobic fitness with movements inspired by Latin American dance; spinning is indoor cycling.)
  • Go to a local Farmer’s Market. Orange beets and purple carrots? Try an heirloom variety vegetable you haven’t tried before that’s grown with care and attention. Chat with a local grower who takes pride in their produce, and consider that gardening isn’t just working to grow food; it’s a creative form of expression that produces a delicious work of art each fall!
  • Reinvent yourself during Healthy Aging Month. Do not “act your age” or what you think your current age should act like. What was your best year so far? 28? 38? Find a picture of yourself at that age and remember how you felt, and the energy you had, how you dressed, what you did that inspired you, how you viewed the world, and how you acted towards others then. It’s not denial; it’s a practical, positive route to rejuvenation.
  • Get moving. Don’t feel your body can do what it once did? Yes it can! It may just need a little help, or change of habit. Resolve to forgo excuses and apathy if you’ve been living with pain in muscles or joints. It may just be that your posture needs correcting, and it’s never too late to change that! Talk to a physiotherapist. Or maybe a natural herbal extract or plant enzyme will offer the extra healing boost you need. What do you have to lose?


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