Nourish Your Skin Naturally from the Inside Out

Written by Nicole Eckert・CNP, Holistic Nutritionist

Your skin functions as a protective barrier between you and the world. Not only is skin the largest organ, it is a visual representation of your overall health. This is why changes in your skin, hair or nails can be a sign that something is going on beneath the surface. While problematic skin could simply mean that you need to alter your self care routine to include natural products, your skin’s condition could also be the tell-tale sign of an underlying medical condition (1).
Nourish your skin naturally from the inside out with Radiance. This savvy skin wellness product is made with 3 proven organic ingredients of therapeutic quality to support your largest organ from the inside out. Radiance is a one-of-a-kind formula that is designed to be taken internally, and applied topically. This signature blend of sea buckthorn seed, cranberry seed, and black seed oils contains no additives or preservatives, we carefully selected this combination of oils for their synergistic advantage. Discover the internal and topical uses of this simple product with elaborate benefits.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Also known as sea berry, the seeds from these vibrant orange berries are packed with nutrients. Offering over 190 active constituents including powerful antioxidants, 17 vitamins, and 14 minerals. Sea buckthorn contains omega 3-6-9 omega fatty acids and vitamin E. Enerex’s sea buckthorn (Puredia SeaBerry®) is organically grown in Tibet; this high altitude in combination with extreme weather conditions produces richer berries.

Topical Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil: Nourish and moisturize skin from deep within cells, essential fatty acids improve skin hydration and elasticity. High antioxidant content can also benefit dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and aging skin. (3)

Internal Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Oil: Anti-inflammatory effects from antioxidants combined with omega fatty acids offer joint protection, cognitive benefits, liver support and blood sugar management. (2)(3)

Cranberry Seed Oil

While we often don’t notice the tiny seeds in cranberries, this seed oil offers potent skin benefits. Cranberry seed oil has a perfectly balanced omega-3-6-9 ratio of 1:1:1. Cranberry seeds contain proanthocyanidin and catechin phytonutrients in addition to antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, and K. Enerex’s cranberry seed oil (CranD’Or) is produced in the cold climate and acidic soil of Quebec, under strict certified organic regulations.

Topical Benefits of Cranberry Seed Oil: Essential fatty acids are easily absorbed and allow for deep penetration. EFA’s work to replenish the skin's barrier, protecting from environmental irritants and rejuvenating damaged skin cells. Natural antioxidant content reduces UV damage, slowing the production of melanin and preventing hyperpigmentation along with calming irritated and inflamed skin conditions.

Internal Benefits of Cranberry Seed Oil: High antioxidant content protects from free radicals and benefits the immune system and cell rejuvenation. EFA content benefits heart health, healthy cholesterol levels and nerve function.

Black Seed Oil

Mighty black seeds from the nigella sativa plant have been coveted for centuries; they were used by both Cleopatra and Nefertiti in their beauty routines. While black seed oil is more known for internal benefits, it also has impressive topical uses. Black seed oil contains over 100 active constituents including the well-researched thymoquinone along with crystalline nigellone, beta sitosterol, and carvacrol. Black seed oil is naturally antimicrobial and contains omega-3-6-7-9, 18 aminos acids, 12 minerals, and vitamins including B’s, A, and C.

Topical Benefits of Black Seed Oil: High antioxidant content in combination with EFA’s nourish and repair. Beneficial for a number of inflammatory skin conditions including acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, and thrush from candida overgrowth. Natural vitamin A (retinol) speeds up healing, and hydrates the top two layers of skin, and may help fade hyperpigmentation.

Internal Benefits of Black Seed Oil: Thymopquinone content works to modulate immune function creating balanced immunity. Antioxidant content is also beneficial for asthma and allergies. Black seed oil also supports better digestion by relieving digestive distress including bloating, gas, and heartburn.

Radiance, inside and out.

This whole food skin wellness product  is available in 3 sizes including: 100ml and 30ml bottles and a 9ml roll-on for on-the-go topical application. Simply take 1 teaspoon of Radiance daily and apply topically on the face and body after cleansing or exfoliating to encourage optimal absorption.

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